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Social world is over: we are living an Organizational world Magazine 1 (December, 2001)

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Future Organizational World Journal aims at becoming a scientific collaboration forum for a virtual interchange of ideas, whose main purpose is the theoretical development of basis about the world of organizations. Basically, we start upon the assumption that organizational behavior cannot be explained by any individual nor social approaches, but it constitutes, by itself, a different "world" with independent features. Starting upon this vision's indubitable interdisciplinary nature, we try to gather all the research contributions coming from all knowledge areas that help us to build that construction. We specially welcome  contributions coming from the fields of Knowledge and Representation Management, Learning, Systems Theory and Complexity related to Virtualness Technologies.

As an orientation, some topics of interest are suggested:

  • A new "Networked World" facing an old "Firms and Markets World".
  • Representation, Knowledge and Information Systems Management. Data Bases and New Technologies. Inter, Intra and ExtraNets.

  • Entrepreneurship, Total Quality Management, Learning, Complexity and Innovation in Organizations.
  • Change Management: impact of the new technologies on Strategy and Organizational Design.
  • Human Factor Coordination (beyond Human Resources Management).
  • Human and Organizational Development.

Contributions may be done in one of these two ways:

Filling the sending form, indicating the web link (URL) where your contributing paper is placed, specifying in which of the previous topics you consider is to be included. In the case you have no personal storage space for your paper in the Web, you can also include your whole paper in Html, MS Word or Acrobat Reader format in the same form. If you do this latter, you should next include it also as a a usual link.