Formula 1 cars and Trakcs into TORCS (the best open source (free) car racing simulator game).
TORCS (The Open Racing Car Simulator) is the best game to edit and modify that exists.
We can modify every thing: cars, tracks, phisics of the cars (engine, suspensions, gears,...) in few minutes. I mean, you can make a good track with the trackeditor (that is provided wiht torcs, and very easy to use) in 15 minutes.
For example to edit a car we can use and open-source (and free, of course) 3D design program: blender to edit the carshape. And The GIMP to edit the textures.

So we can edit all with open-source programs.

Another important thing is that TORCS have a version for Windows and for linux, so everybody can install it on their compurer.
The next image shows my first track that I made with track editor in a few minutes (about 15):

An screen-shot of f1 cars into blender

Moreover you can see how to make a real track. For example is explained how to build the Formula 1 Grand Prix Track (Barcelona, Montmeló, Circuit de Catalunya).

An screen-shot of f1 cars into blender An screen-shot of f1 cars into blender

An screen-shot of f1 cars into blender

    Torcs Section of my home page. There are some tutorials about how to edit torcs, and some dowload or Formula 1 cars, Formula 1 tracks...

Tutorial for make renders of gp4 cars with Blender by Vicente
In this tutorial I explain how to make a render of a gp4 car (from the .gp4 files) with the open source (and free, of course) 3D design program blender.

The spanish version of the tutorial will be available in a near future.

    Go to the Blender Tutorial by Vicente

My gp4 car rendered into blender


New logo.
My new logo.

My logo


Making a GP4 car tutorial by Vicente
In this tutorial I explain how to make a gp4 car. There are a lot of photos.

Moreover, I've made a pdf printable version of the tutorial that you can download from (The tutorial is in spanish and English):
    Go to pdf version of the tutorial (Spanish and English)
The spanish version of the tutorial is finished.

Enjoy it!!!!

Ya podeis disfrutar de la versión en Castellano del tutorial, tanto la versión web como la pdf, ambas completamente traducidas.

    Go to the making a gp4 car tutorial

My gp4 car

Web de mi volante
Hace un tiempo empecé a construir un volante para el ordenador, ahora he decidido explicar como lo hice en esta web.
Espero que a alguien le resulte interesante, darle un vistazo.
    Ir pagina volante
Cosntruye tu volante de formula 1

Mi página web
Esta es mí primera página web. En ella hay varios apartados sobre temas interesantes o cosas que estoy haciendo como por ejemplo el volante o el diseño en 3D de coches de fórmula 1.
En brebe habrá mas información, de momento dar un vistazo a lo que tengo hecho.

My gp4 car