I'm Irene Epifanio. I am a mother and a Full Professor at Universitat Jaume I in Castelló (Spain), since March 2021.

 I was born in Valencia (Spain) in 1975.

 In 1996 I was awarded the Honourable Mention in the 3rd International Mathematics Competition for University Students.

 I received my degree in Mathematics in 1997 from Universitat de València.

 In 1998, I was a researcher at IMPIVA (the Institute of the small and medium-size Valencian Industry), from Valencian Goverment.

 In 1999 I was a researcher from Science Ministry at the Computer Science Department of Universitat de València.

 Since October 2000, I have been with the Mathematics Department of Universitat Jaume I.

 I received my Ph.D. degree in Statistics on 26th July 2002 from  Universitat de València.

 My PhD dissertation (Texture description: applications to image coding and classification) 

 was awarded the Premio Extraordinario de Matemáticas y Física 2003 (Universitat de València).

 In the Fall of 2002, I performed a postdoctoral research stay at the European Comission Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy.

 I have supervised several students, who have been awarded with several Premios (see Section Students).

 In 2014 I was awarded the Premio a la Excelencia Docente Universitaria (curso 2013/2014) (Universitat Jaume I).

 In 2018 our research group was awarded the Premio Banco Santander de divulgación científica (Universitat Jaume I).

 In 2021 I was awarded the Premio UJI Compromiso Social – Banco Santander.

 I has 4 sexenios de investigación from CNEAI (1998-2003, 2004-2009, 2010-2015, 2016-2021) and 4 quinquenios de docencia from UJI (2001-2005, 2006-2010, 2011-2015, 2016-2020).

 My current research interests include statistical learning, functional data analysis, computer vision and equality.

 IDs: ORCID ID, ResearcherID, Scopus Author ID, Google scholar.

 Academic genealogy according to the Mathematics Genealogy project.

 In 2021, I was the first Presidenta de la Comisión de Mujeres en Matemáticas del Comité Español de Matemáticas (CEMat). I was also a Spanish CWM Ambassador.

 Furthermore, I was a member of the Comisión de Mujeres y Matemáticas de la Real Sociedad Matemática Española and the Promoting 
 Positive Professional Environments (P3E) Committee of CWS (Caucus for Women in Statistics), during 2020 and 2021.

 I am a member of the IF (Instituto Universitario de Estudios Feministas y de Género) and the Grupo estatal de igualdad en PDI de CCOO.  

 I am also a member of the Grupo de trabajo para el seguimiento de las actuaciones en igualdad de género en I+D+I del  

 Observatorio de Mujeres, Ciencia e Innovación del Ministerio. 

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