Óscar Belmonte Fernández


I am an Associate Professor at Computer Languages and Systems Department at Jaume I University in Castellón de la Plana. Spain.

I hold a PhD degree in Physics by the University of Valencia.


My current fields of interest include Machine Learning, Indoor Positioning and Navigation and Sensor Networks & the Internet of Things.

I am a member of the Rearch Group on Machine Learning for Smart Environments (GIANT).

I am a member of the Instite of New Imaging Technologies.

You can check my list of publications at the web page of my department and also at Google Scholar.


I teach some courses in the Informatics Engineering Degree, and in the Masters' Degree on Geo-Spatial Technologies.

These are the degree courses I teach

This is the under-degree course I teach:

You can check my office hours at the web page of my department.

Here you can get my best dowloaded book about Java (spanish only) and the examples code.


I maintain a blog Encuentros Java (spanish only).

In collaboration with Juan José Girón we also maintain a blog about technology for kids Tallers de tecnología (valencian and spanish).

In case you were curious, this is my old web page (spanish only).


Office: TI1202. Computer Languages and Systems Department. Jaume I University. Castellón de la Plana. Castellón. Spain.

+34 964 728 315