An Improved Discrete Level of Detail Model Through an Incremental Representation
José Ribelles, Ángeles López, Óscar Belmonte
Real-time applications such as computer and video games, virtual reality and scientific simulation require rendering of complex models for realism. Graphics rendering engines include multiresolution modelling techniques to accelerate the visualization process. The Discrete Level of Detail framework (DLoD) is usually the most popular while the Continuous Level of Detail framework (CLoD) is still not as widely used by software developers. In this paper, we first discuss the benefits and drawbacks of both frameworks. Then, we present a model based on coding a discrete number of levels of detail (LoDs), with more LoDs coded than is usual in DLoD, and with an incremental representation, which is often used in CLoD. This model obtains a performance similar to DLoD by providing optimized LoDs for efficient visualization, while the popping effect is imperceptible. We present specific proposals for each of the three main stages involved in multiresolution processing: geometry simplification, construction of the incremental representation and retrieval of either uniform or view-dependent LoDs.