Multiresolution Modeling Using Fractal Image Compression Techniques
Óscar Belmonte, Sergio Sancho, José Ribelles
This work presents a new approach to the multiresolution modeling of polygonal meshes. This approach is based on the theoretically well-established fractal image compression techniques. A polygonal mesh is represented as a fractal using an iterated function system (IFS). In this way, a level of detail can be obtained over a region of the mesh by successively iterating the IFS. The main advantage is that it becomes possible to recover new levels of detail that were not present in the original mesh, so that the quality is not lost as the observer approaches the mesh. Another characteristic is that the same representation can be used over textures, and in this case the algorithm is directly implemented over the GPU. The visualization time obtained allows this new approach to be used in real-time interactive computer graphic applications.