Variable Resolution Level-of-detail of Multiresolution Ordered Meshes
José Ribelles, Angeles López, Oscar Belmonte, Inmaculada Remolar, Miguel Chover
Variable resolution level-of-detail is an important application of multiresolution modeling, since te use of different resolutions across the surface allows interactive visualization of highly detailed objects. Multiresolution Ordered Meshes (MOM) was first introduced as a model that achieves the efficient management of an ample range of uniform resolution levels-of-detail and presents reduced storage space requirements. In this paper, we introduce an algorithm capable of retrieving variable resolution levels-of-detail from a multiresolution MOM representation without having to reorganize data in new structures or store new information. The proposed algorithm starts from the level of highest detail and simplifies it adaptively to reach the required resolution in each area of the surface. Experiments with data sets of varying complexity demonstrate that the new algorithm obtains variable resolution levels of detail while retaining the advantages of MOM.