Multiresolution Modelling of Polygonal Surface Meshes Using Triangle Fans
José Ribelles, Angeles López, Inmaculada Remolar, Oscar Belmonte and Miguel Chover
Multiresolution modelling of polygonal surface meshes has been presented as a solution for the interactive visualisation of scenes formed by hundreds of thousands of polygons. On the other hand, it has been shown that representing surfaces using sets of triangle strips or fans greatly reduces visualisation time and provides an important memory savings. In this paper we present a new method to model polygonal surface meshes. Like the previously explained Multiresolution Ordered Meshes (MOM), this method permits the efficient management of an ample range of approximations of the given model. Furthermore, this method utilises the triangle fan as its basic representation primitive. Experiments realised with data sets of varying complexity demonstrate reduced storage space requirements, while retaining the advantages of MOMs.