Jorge Galindo Pastor

Instituto de Matemáticas y Aplicaciones de Castellón (IMAC).
Departamento de Matemáticas
Universitat Jaume I.

: TI 2304 DD.

ESTCE, Campus de Riu Sec.
Phone: 964728407
Fax: 964728429
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Mailing address:
Instituto Universitario de Matemáticas y Aplicaciones  (IMAC),
Universitat Jaume I,

Main areas of interest: Topological groups, abstract harmonic analysis,
representation theory.

Particularly: Dualities on topological groups: Pontryagin, Chu, Tannaka, Tatsuuma... Bohr Topologies.
Analysis on free topological, pseudocompact, [MAP], nuclear and   Lie groups.
Abstract Harmonic Analysis. Group C*-algebras. Compaticfications of topological groups. Regularity of Banach algebras of functions on locally compact groups. Groups of continuous functions. Positive-definite functions.
Nonlinear functional analysis.
Interpolation sets (I_0-sets, Sidon sets, Helson sets ...)
Isomorphisms of group algebras.
Kazhdan's property T.

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Teaching: Check my Biodata at the Universitat Jaume I web site.