Dr. Antonio Grandío Botella

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Brief Curriculum Vitae:

I obtained the "Licenciatura en Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales" (sección Empresariales -business stream-), a 5 year's degree closed to the USA M.B.A. (although, here, it is more close to Economics) and the "Licenciatura en Psicología" (the 5 year's degree in Psychology) where I continued the doctorate studies in "Social and Organizational Psychology", obtaining what is called here the "Researcher's Sufficiency" in it (an about two year's studies necessary for beginning the doctoral thesis). I could afford to do these second studies these thanks to teaching and practising accountancy (I have the Professional Accountant Auditor Degree). These latter merits made possible to enter the Jaume I University (created 5 years ago) in Accountancy Area and while I was developing my thesis in Psychology, but the first year I changed to what today is called Business Organization Area for teaching Human Resources Management and Organization. In this University I studied the second doctorate studies ("Researcher's Sufficiency" in Business Management and Administration) and obtained the Doctor degree in this field on last may (perhaps I will also finish the Psychology one).

I have been always looking for a synthesis in all sciences (I believe there must be something common behind them). All what it is called the new paradigm raised in natural sciences (K. Pribram Holographic Paradigm, D. Bohm's Implicit/Explicit Realms, R. Sheldrake's "Morphic Resonance", I. Prigogine's "Dissipative Structures", etc.) and, slowly, has spread out to Social, Economical and Organizational Sciences. This encouraged me to start a certainly "strange" thesis: "Firms, Markets and Needs: a synthesis in social sciences".